Product Spotlight shines on The Funny Bunny Toy Company


In this bulletin our product spotlight shines on The Funny Bunny Toy Company and its founder, Kerry Sullivan.

Since their introduction on our site, the Funny Bunny Toy Company's products have become some of our most popular toys. From the Bunny Bungalow to the new Timbell all are designed to appeal specifically to rabbits and are made with bunny safe parts. I eagerly await the introduction of each new toy, as do the product testers in my house! Kerry's recent innovation of incorporating hay cubes into her toy designs have created toys that are also treats! Or is it treats that are also toys? Hmmm....


Kerry Sullivan created Funny Bunny Toy Company in 1997 with her first product, the Bunny Bungalow. With the company's goal "to bring out the funny in your bunny", Funny Bunny soon expanded its product line to include wooden toys. All of their toys are made from natural untreated hardwoods, 100% cotton rope, hay cubes and non-toxic glue.

Growing up in Oakland, California; Kerry has had a life long love of animals, getting her first two pet rabbits when she was eight years old. Since childhood she has created hand-made toys for her pets, so turning this hobby into a business was a natural progression.

Kerry became disabled following a chemical exposure at work, which caused her to develop numerous allergies to chemicals and foods along with severe asthma, migraines and lupus. In 1996, Kerry was fortunate to enter a program at the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, CA., which provided grants for disabled people to start their own home businesses. Kerry chose to combine her creative side with her love of animals, and create a line of toys and products specifically for house rabbits. Needing to make these products from natural materials that were safe for her health ensured that the toys were also safe for bunnies.

Kerry has formerly worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, an EKG technician and taught Medical Assisting at a vocational college. She enjoyed volunteering at the Oakland Zoo for five years and continues to help out as a member of the House Rabbit Society by making weekly deliveries of fresh greens from the farmers market and donating toys.

Kerry currently lives in Alameda, CA., a quaint island in the San Francisco Bay area; with her significant other Tom, parakeet Binky, cat Mr. BoBo and her two house bunnies, Wallace and Sophie.

Wallace and Sophie have helped in the development of all of Funny Bunny's products and hope that your bunnies will enjoy them too!

TY003 Bunny Bungalow 1.125 lb 
Designed especially for rabbits, with the holes placed lower for a rabbit's eye view, this bungalow is a great place for your bunny to play, snack, nap or just get away from it all. Made of durable recycled cardboard, the Bunny Bungalow is decorated with charming rabbit inspired motifs and is safe for your bunny to chew. Measures 10 1/2" high by 12 1/2" wide by 20" long.

TY019 Ring of Rabbits Toss Toy  
new New from Funny Bunny Toy Co. Another great toss toy, this one features all natural wooden rabbits on soft cotton rope. Each bunny measures 2 in tall and 1/4 in. thick.

TY020 Heart Rattle .125 lb 
Shake, rattle and roll! Your bunny will love to toss, rattle and chew this new toy from The Funny Bunny Toy Co. Natural maple toy measures approximately 3 in. long.

TY021 Heart Ring Toss .125 lb 
Also new from Funny Bunny! Great for tossing, fling and chewing. Made from natural maple and cotton rope. Maple hearts measure approximately 2 1/4 in.

TY022h Timbell .125 lb 
new New from the Funny Bunny Toy Company. Once your bunny has devoured the timothy hay cube a fun chew toy remains. Made of natural hardwood, the Timbell measures 4 in. in length.

TY022g Jumbo Alfalfa Dumbbell .1875 lb 
new Another new addition from the Funny Bunny Toy Co. This larger version of the alfalfa dumbell features two hay cubes and a wooden rabbit for double the chewing pleasure! A toy your pair can share.... not! Measures 6 in. long


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