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Here's a new selection of photos from some of our customers, we hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoy receiving them.


I just wanted to send in a picture of Barracuda. She loves her Bunny Bungalow. Thank you for selling such great products. Barracuda and I always look forward to the next Bunny Bytes bulletin. Keep up the great work. Eden & Barracuda, San Francisco, Ca


Olly is a Harlequin that a mailman found on his route and brought in to the center where a friend of mine works. She called me and I immediately came to pick him up, he was still pretty young, maybe 6 months and skinny. Olly really looked up to Max and grew into a beautiful rabbit. Darien is the youngest, only 4 months when I adopted him. He too, really admired Max, Max was such a big guy and what a softee. Darien is white with brown ears and a few brown spots. I included a photo of all three of them in their castle. I hope you enjoy the photos. Leslie Krygier, Buffalo, NY (Editor's note: These photos were submitted in 11/02, shortly after Max passed away)


Benjamin and Begonia were adopted by a former Bunny Bytes employee, Jon Rumsey. They were taken in by Evergreen Rabbit Rescue during the spring of 2001 when they were about 3 months old. These are two of my favorite bunnies and I couldn't resist including their pictures.


Sir Basil really appreciated that I could stop by last week. Attached is one of our newest pictures of him - caught in the act of lounging next to his snack. Michaela Schmidt-Le, Seattle


Wuerffel is a German name, meaning dice, which is completely coincidental because she is white with black spots. She was actually named for a quarterback who played for the University of Florida from 1993-1996 and currently plays for the Washington Redskins named Danny Wuerffel. And she will only eat your hay. Keep up the great work. Thanks again, Katie Naas, Annandale, VA


I've enclosed a picture of Woodrow. He seems to have settled in nicely, and has the run of Beth's room now. Belle (Beth's cat) isn't sure that a rabbit is a good thing to have in *her* room, and is actively avoiding him. Lisa Weeks, Seattle, WA

Customer Tips

Home made toy idea

I wanted to share a homemade toy idea with you. I hooked 6 loose-leaf binder clips together and hung them on the back of a kitchen chair. My mini rex loves them. He can spend hours biting and pulling on the chain. They make a clinking sound when they move, which is why I think he likes them. Jaye Anne Gabriel, CA

Bunny Proofing idea

I have found a great way to keep my bunny out of areas that I don't want him to go, such as behind the sofa, and then up inside it. I got a piece of cardboard about 8" wide, and about 2' long. I took the wide cellophane tape and placed several strips, sticky side up along the board. Then I taped them down around the edges to secure them to the board. I placed my contraption behind the sofa, and when Beni went back there he got a sticky surprise. Needless to say he didn't like the sticky tape on his feet, and doesn't go back there any more! The people who make the tape rolls for animal hair should make a board like this, and we could peel off a piece at a time, as it loses it's stickiness! I have been looking for a long time for an answer to this problem, and this might be useful for cat owners too, to keep them off of places like counter tops.   Sher Slavin, San Diego, Ca. 

Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo or a tip. We really enjoy receiving these so keep them coming! Due to a computer catastrophe earlier this year we lost many of the pictures and tips you submitted so we apologize if you don't see your picture or tip here. If we missed your picture or tip please resubmit it and we'll be sure to include it in a future bulletin.

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