Product Spotlight: Takahashi Ceramics

I'm a big fan of simple images of rabbits that capture their many personalities. I was drawn to these pottery pieces for their charming, whimsical and elegant depictions of rabbits. Some are traditional, some are more contemporary and some are just fun! All are made by Takahashi San Francisco with an attention to detail and quality that makes them a great addition to any size collection. I did notice a certain tendency to roundness... maybe few less bunny brownies would be good! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


HG004 Green Rabbit Bowl

This bunny isn't overweight, he's undertall! This whimisically decorated bowl features a very rubenesque bunny both on the rim and the inside of the bowl. He even has his own carrot! The bowl is a willowy green with a white bunny with pink ears and cheeks. Measures 5 1/2 across and 2 1/2 deep.


HG005 Rabbit Chime

This serenly sleeping bunny brings sweet music to your ears. Measures 2 in across and approximately 2 14 in high. Includes cord for hanging.


HG006 6 in rectangular bowl

Bunnies cavort under the full moon in this beautifiul bowl. Measures 6 1/4 in long by 4 3/4 wide by 1 1/4 in deep.


HG013 Large oval box

This oval box measures 4 1/2 in across and 4 in at the tip of the ears! Great for jewelry or other small treasures. Finished in a crackled celadon glaze.

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