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Here's a new selection of photos from some of our customers. We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoy receiving them. Some of them are holiday themed and some are just cute. Please note: Page contains large graphics files and may take a few minutes to load. Please be patient - it will be worth the wait!

And the envelope please...

The winner of the holiday themed photo is .... Michelle Williamson and Angel of Huntington Beach, CA for the cutest bunny with a santa hat I've ever seen! What a rabbitude that bun has!

The winner of the holiday tip is Susan Semadeni and Aspen, whose tip is "Always wear bright colors so other people see you".  Good advice Aspen!

Both winners will receive a $25.00 Bunny Bytes Gift Certificate.

A big Thank You to everyone who sent in a photo and keep them coming -  you could be the next winner!


Here are a couple of photos of our Angel Bunny (she is a Netherlands Dwarf - we found her Christmas Eve 1997 in front of our house she was abandoned at age 9 mos, probably someone's Easter bunny, they no longer wanted). Since then she has been the princess of our house.
Michelle Williamson
Huntington Beach,CA


You have a wonderful website, and our 12 year old bunny, Toby looks forward to us doing business with you again in the future.
Adelina Dudda
San Clemente, CA


My name is Rosie andI have a wonderful lop eared rabbitnamed "Pancho". He just turned 3 years old on March 23, 2005 and he is sillier than ever!! I've had Pancho since he was only a few months old and I can't imagine my life without him.
Rosie Garcia
Santa Monica, CA


I wanted to thank you for your website. I don't know what it's like in the States, but here in Toronto it is literally impossible to find good bunny toys. Every store has the same 3-4 items - wooden shaped carrots and bark bites - neither of which are of much interest to my Nigel.
Kristin Ouimet
Toronto, Canada

photo are some photos of Herbie. He will be 11 months old in Sept.!!! We adopted him from HRS Foster Home when he was just 3 months.
Laura Chavez,
Clearwater, FL


I've just received my Bunny Bytes order of new toys - and they are a big hit!!! Especially the pinata, my little male, JJ, spends lots of time dragging it around and tossing it in the air - which is quite a feat, considering the pinata is almost as big as he is. I'm attaching a holiday picture of my bunnies, Sophie and JJ and special guest, the Grinch, for your holiday contest. Sophie is the black and silver female, JJ is the chocolate male.
Mary Alexander
Birmingham, AL


Attached is a photo of my little boy--Aspen--dressed up like a pumpkin last Halloween--"Always wear bright colors so other people see you".
Susan Semadeni
Overland Park, KS


I just couldn't resist adding a picture of one of my own bunnies - this is Chase, who I think is an American Fuzzy Lop mix - he's my very own dust bunny. He is about 3 and was found wandering loose in a local neighbor in the summer of 2004. He was originally supposed to be a foster but you know how that goes...
Kent, WA

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a photo or a tip. We really enjoy receiving these so keep them coming! If you have a photo or tip you'd like to submit please email it to: or mail to: Bunny Bytes, PO Box 69733, Seattle WA 98168

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